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As Large As Your Spirit:

a Memoir of a Modern-Day Jonah

By Joel David Bond

Joel David Bond lives in Iraq. By choice. So when he suddenly finds himself quarantined on a remote Greek island at the outset of the pandemic, friends and family romanticize it as a fortunate event. But even paradise has its troubles: with nothing but a carry-on bag, a weak internet signal, and a fair amount of pluck, Bond is forced to learn some hard locked-down life lessons as an accidental refugee from both heart and home. Bond’s journey through exile crosses with that of true refugees; and, as their lives intersect, a universal truth is learned that home really is where the heart is.

Bond’s account captures the refugee experience — be it refugee of heart or war — and how our universal humanity can only be found when we listen to the still, small voice inside. "As Large As Your Spirit" is a memoir of vulnerability, change, and growth, and promises an emotional narrative for anyone who has struggled to find a place to belong.

Currently seeking agent representation for publication.


Life Chapters

Annual Publication

Life Chapters are my annual retrospective, self-published every Thanksgiving. Download and read back issues here, or scroll down to listen to select issues on SoundCloud.


Quantum Connections

November 2022

Amazing Grace*

November 2021

Reverse Refugee

November 2020

Sunrise, Sunset

November 2019


There Are Other Ways

November 2018

Not What I Expected

November 2017

Open Heart

November 2016

Finding Home

November 2015


And the Truth Shall Set You Free

November 2013


November 2012

Learning Turkish

November 2011

It'll Be All Right

November 2010

*Finalist in the 2022 Annie Dillard Award for Creative Non-Fiction, Bellingham Review.

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Macbook in Coffee shop

Published Clips

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Creating Empathic Leaders in post-conflict Iraq

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