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As Large as Your Spirit:

a reverse refugee memoir

Published March 2023

Joel David Bond lives in Iraq. By choice. So when he suddenly finds himself quarantined indefinitely on a remote Greek island, friends and family romanticize it as a fortunate event. But even paradise has its troubles: away from his love and the life he knows, and with nothing but a carry-on bag, a weak internet signal, and a fair amount of pluck, Bond is forced to learn some hard locked-down life lessons as an unintended refugee from both heart and home. Through the happy accident of exile, Bond’s path crosses with that of true refugees, and as their lives intersect, some universal truths are learned about loving your neighbor as yourself.


Bond’s account captures the refugee experience — be it refugee of heart or home — and how our universal humanity can only be found when we listen to the still, small voice inside. As Large as Your Spirit is an extraordinary memoir of persistent hope, creative grit, uncanny encounters, and what it means to accept yourself and others.

Available on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle.

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In paperback and Kindle formats on 

Also available in Roman Bookstore in Slemani, Kurdistan.

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