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Notebook and Pen
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As Large As Your Spirit

A refugee from his own tormented love life, Joel has to cross paths with real-life refugees to learn that home really is where the heart is.

Read excerpts from the memoir here.

Writer. Speaker. Traveler. Teacher.

These four words define who I am and what I do. Explore the menu above to read and share my previous works, book me to speak at your event, travel to new off-the-beaten path destinations, or hire me to teach your group some new skills. Discover what I can do for you.


Joel David Bond


About Joel

A Kansas native, Joel David Bond has spent the better part of two decades living abroad, engaged in as diverse a number of roles as places he's lived. From farm work in Tuscan vineyards to jet-setting with British Airways as a flight attendant, Joel has travelled to 80+ nations around the globe.

After a decade of living in the UK and gaining dual citizenship, his most recent adventure took him to the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq, where he served for 5 years as a teacher for some of the region's most elite students. Through a combination of happy accidents and locally forged connections, Joel has gained access into one of the world’s most notoriously newsworthy regions and discovered some surprising truths …and fictions.

Joel holds several qualifications in counselling, teaching, communication and languages, and has recently completed a Masters in Education from the University of Nottingham, UK. He is currently working on a memoir.

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