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Destinations, discovered

With scores of countries under his belt and former career in aviation, Joel knows travel. Sink your teeth into local culture and get a taste of some unlikely destinations with Joel's small group tours and custom itineraries.

Current Tours

Iraq: Ancient & Sacred

Custom Itinerary & Dates

Discover ancient and sacred sites where civilisation began.


Iraqi Kurdistan

Custom Itinerary & Dates

Explore mountains of culture on the 9-day tour of northern Iraq.


European Ancestry Tours

Custom itinerary & dates

Spark your imagination and unearth new research ideas for your family history on a custom-made tour through your ancestral homeland.


Welsh Wanderer

Custom itinerary & dates

Celtic mystery gathers in the deep valleys of Wales' mountainous countryside. Be charmed by medieval castles, ancient legends and wind-whipped coastlines in this one-week tour through the heart of Welsh country.


Celtic Bretagne

Custom Itinerary & dates

Travel back in time to France's pre-Roman roots to discover a rich and thriving culture with deep Celtic roots.




See the world from a different lens. Joel always finds a local spot with a new perspective, and he knows travel and adventure! I love the way Joel can connect with other cultures and bring you in to the fold to make you truly feel at home anywhere in the world. Don't miss an opportunity to travel with Joel.

Roberta Brown

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