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Travel perks, brought to you

Experience the excitement of cultural immersion and travel from the comfort of your hometown. Led by a seasoned travel expert, Joel's travel talks offer virtual journeys to exotic destinations.

Go Global; Live Local

Check out one of my current keynote presentations to develop your group's intercultural awareness.

01 Keynote/Assembly

Pilgrimage: The Sacred Inner Journey

Pilgrimage is a frequent theme in the human experience, but what makes a pilgrim? On the Spanish Camino de Santiago, discover both the Way of St James and the road of the heart, and learn how you can live your whole life as a pilgrim with meaning and purpose.

02 Keynote/Assembly

Iraq: Ancient & Modern

Dispel your misconceptions of Iraq with this hour-long armchair travel presentation through one of the world's most notoriously newsworthy regions. Through a combination of facts, photos and memoir reflections, hear a first-hand account of building a life in a post-conflict war zone.

03 Keynote/Assembly

The "Other" Holy Land

Explore the shared heritage of revered Christian and Jewish sites in Iraq from Babel to Babylon and beyond. In the process, discover a surprising diversity of faith across the Middle East, and even within your own faith tradition.

04 Keynote/Assembly

Agents of Change

Based on 5 years of practice-based inquiry connecting elite Iraqi high-school students with disenfranchised local refugees, this half-hour presentation blends personal stories with current issues surrounding the global refugee crisis, the role of service-learning in education, and how to cultivate empathy in leadership.

05 Custom

Custom Presentation

Joel may have signature talks, but he can create customizable solutions around the structure of established talks to relate to your specific audience. He will ask in the discovery call how he can show up for you and your group!

Joel David Bond Travel Talks Presenter

Start your journey today!

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